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Pony Club Rallies are held every Saturday and on Thursdays during the holidays.

The Rallies are designed to be fun and educational and anyone with an interest in horses will enjoy and benefit from the hours they spend at Pine Ridge.

All our staff are qualified and experienced and offer positive, sympathetic coaching.

We encourage members to participate in a wide range of activities and offer tuition in all disciplines. Outside coaches are also invited to help broaden the knowledge of the members.

We accept a maximum of 12 children for any Pony Club session. This keeps our riding groups small and enables us to offer quality coaching in all aspects of horsemanship.

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Paid monthly: 2 hour session X 4  £128.00

Pay as you go: 2 hour session £45.00

Terms & Conditions:

Monthly paid pony club sessions cannot be transferred or refunded. Any sessions missed will be forfeited.
All monthly paid pony club sessions are payable by the 1st of the month. Pay as you go sessions must be on booking.

We try our best to ensure riders and horses are well matched and that members are allocated horses they feel comfortable with.

Please remember, riding is a high risk sport and we are extremely safety conscious, accidents can happen and horse can be unpredictable. 

Correct riding wear must be worn. Although body protectors are not mandatory, we do recommend that members wear them when riding.

Hard hats must be worn when working with the horses and correct foot wear should be worn at all times. 

No jewellery or hoodies, long hair should be tied back and sleeves should be worn.

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