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BASIC LIVERY - £595.00 per month

Consists of: 
Rent - £6.00 per day
Labour - £9.50 per day
Hay/Haylage/Feed/Straw - £4.00 per day


What we do – included in livery:


  • Feeding (3 to 4 times per day - hay and haylage, adlib, minimal hard feed if needed).
  • Straw bedding – cleaned and topped up daily.
  • Watering. (most stables have automatic waterers which are cleaned daily)
  • Mucking out - morning.
  • Afternoon skip out.
  • Turnout/fetch in. (Typical – out by 8.00 and in by 16.00)  
  • Turnout field, please note, we do not have a huge amount of turnout and if the ground is very wet,
    horses are turned out
     in the small school/equitation school or on the track.
  • Our horses are never expected to stay in the stable, they all go out, if not for the whole day, at least for a few hours. 
  • Rug changes, where appropriate, provide two x 200grm turnout rugs.
  • Holding for farrier and vet for routine work.
  • Includes Christmas/Bank holiday services.
  • Paddock cleaning.
  • Worming Programme (medication will be for owner’s account)
  • Tuition available at £25.00 per half hour private or one hour group.
  • Children – we are a child friendly yard/Pony Club Centre and as long as it is pre-arranged, we are happy to have children on the yard       without parent/guardian supervision.


Facilities for your use:


  • Stable
  • Tea room
  • Toilet
  • Tack room (space for 2 saddles/bridles and set of plastic drawers)
  • Rug room (space for rugs in use, spare rugs to be taken home)
  • Turnout for horse for at least 4 hours per day
  • Track – all weather
  • School – silica sand
  • Pen for lunging and free schooling
  • Lights (Arena, Stables, Yard), we ask that all our clients are responsible about the use of electricity and do not leave lights on unnecessarily. 
  • Horse washing bay. 

Owner’s Responsibilities:


  • Grooming
  • Feet cleaning
  • Tack cleaning
  • Exercise 


Owner’s extras


  • Hard feed – additional
  • Supplements if needed (you supply, we will feed)




From £275.00 per week

Schooling/Producing/Starting/Boot Camp

Basic Livery and includes exercising/training/ground work/competing 5 days per week. (entry fees/transport/membership/subscriptions or any other fees incurred will be for the owner’s account).





Extras available 



Hunter £45.00

Bib & tidy up £25.00

Legs £25.00

Equine Practitioners, Holding for -  other than services included in livery.

£15.00 per hour or part thereof.


£20.00 per session

Feed - Extra hard and/or supplements

Owner to supply in clearly marked feed container

Ground Work

£25.00 per session

Lessons at other venues: 

Group of four - £25.00 each

Outside trainers

£15.00 per hour

Paddock Boots

£15.00 per month

Pony Club 2 hour session


Riding Lesson

£25.00 per half hour private 

Riding Lesson

£25,00 per hour group


Show attendance: 

Coaching at show/assisting/supporting


Showing horses for sale.   

Preparation/Presenting and Riding 


Stirrup Club 

£25.00 per session

Trailer/Lorry parking, if we have space

£25.00 per month

Transport: Prices per horse per trip


            Felbridge £85.00 

            Brook Farm £85.00
            East Bysshe £85.00 

            Eaglesfield £85.00 

            Speedgate £85.00 

            Bell Equine £85.00 

            Hickstead £140.00


Vetting:   Presenting/lunging/riding 


Viewing horses

Jenna is available to view and test ride

£55.00 per hour away from Pine Ridge