Pine Ridge Equestrian

I’m thrilled to bits with Bon’s progress and wanted to share my totally positive experience. Everyone was welcoming and supportive. With Jenna’s expertise Bon has grown in self confidence which will greatly benefit us both. I enjoyed being part of the process, watching the schooling, the away from home first time clear round jumping and Bon’s face as part of the Saturday Pony Club!

Bon, my 11 year old welsh section D recently completed  ‘Boot Camp’ with Jenna. He settled amazing quickly into a completely different stabling routine partly due to the calm professional atmosphere at Pine Ridge. He was interested in the bustle of the yard, coping with the tractor, quad bike, lorries delivering, strange horses/ people coming and going.

 Jenna schooled him to sharpen up his rider responses and hacked him alone and in company. His fears: anything out of the ordinary, especially large noisy vehicles in tight spaces, his panic reaction: flee with or without 180° spin! As his self assurance grew we introduced ‘scary’ hacks. I would lurk on route, sat under two umbrellas, waving a giant flag or leaping out of the undergrowth with a very large kite!! (Much to the amusement of a passing dog walker!) Jenna swiftly controlled his flight response, always generous in her praise, an unflappable, consistent ‘get on with the job’ attitude.

When his 0 to 90 reaction resulted in my uncontrollable blast up through the tree lined track, Jenny immediately rooted in her vast bit collection and found a Pelham that just might help. Jenna schooled him in it until he was comfortable and accepting of its action. Jenny kindly lent it until I could find one to buy. It gave me enough confidence to continue Jenna’s task of hacking in a narrow lane with the yard tractor! Yippee! 




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So proud of Hansel and his new owner Julie, winning at their first show in the US. Such an amazing result.

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Congratulations Karen Finn Equestrian, for successfully getting Precious in foal.
Looking forward to following her journey as a mum!

At last a pregnancy for Precious and Kazan Z ( Balou de Rouet x Heartbreaker )
Better late than never