Pine Ridge Equestrian

Horse Show/Training Policies 


Upcoming horse shows/outings are listed on the white board next to the arena.


If you would like to attend, write your name and your horses name on the white board under the event you would like to attend.



At each event, you will receive one bill which will include:

There are set fees per venue.

Transport: Prices per horse per trip

            Felbridge £75.00 

            Brook Farm £75.00
            East Bysshe £75.00 

            Eaglesfield £75.00 

            Spedgate £75.00 

            Bell Equine £75.00 

            Hickstead £120.00

Coaching Fees: 
£40.00, preparation of the rider and the horse. Includes riding the horse if necessary.

Grooming Fees: 
£20.00, includes watering, and helping the rider prepare the horse for the event. Holding and loading.

Coaching and Grooming without transport:
Add £15.00 per hour, to include travelling time.

Show Entries or Venue Hire:
Will vary from venue to venue.