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Terms & Conditions


  • Riding is a HIGH RISK SPORT
    ALL horses can be unpredictable. You may fall off and be injured. Horse are capable of kicking, biting, standing on you. 

  • Be honest about your riding ability.

  • Lessons are payable on booking.

  • Rescheduling of lessons: 

    • Should you need to reschedule a lesson, we require 24 hours notice

    • it should be noted that PONY CLUB sessions cannot be rescheduled and once booked are fixed.

    • Block booked lessons must be used within 5 weeks of booking and 24 hours notice must be given to reschedule within that time frame.

    • Lessons cancelled on the day are payable in full

    • We harbour horses and employ permanent assistants so as to provide the required basic facilities. The expenses associated herewith are a constant, irrespective of weather conditions, illnesses or holidays. Therefore, regardless of conditions in weather, illnesses, absence, holidays or cancellations of whatever reason, the monthly tariff will be maintained. Pine Ridge Riding school will not be obliged to reschedule lessons lost as a result of any of the above mentioned conditions. 

    • Correct dress should be worn when riding.
      Riding helmet (if you do not have your own, you can hire one, at £2.00 per session.
      Boots with a heel. No jewellery. Shirt with sleeves. Long hair should be tied back.

    • Report to the office prior to riding.

    • Children under the age of 16 should not be left unattended unless prior arrangements have been made.

    • No running in the yard.

    • No buggies, bicycles, umbrellas.

    • Dogs must be kept on leads.

    • Do not feed the horses.




We offer discounts on block bookings. Block booked lessons have to be used within the month booked. 

Lessons not used will be forfeited.



(Private/Semi Private/Group)

Buy 5 x 1/2 hour lessons for £160.00

Buy 1 x 1/2 hour lesson for £40.00


Buy 5 x 1 hour lessons for £275.00

Buy 1 x 1 hour lesson for £65.00


Buy 8 x 1 hour lessons for £400.00





Buy 4 x  2 hour session every Saturday or Thursday (School holidays) £128.00

Pay as you go: 2 hour session £45.00


Terms & Conditions:


Monthly paid pony club sessions cannot be transferred or refunded. Any sessions missed will be forfeited.
All monthly paid pony club sessions are payable by the 1st of the month. Pay as you go sessions must be paid on booking.

We try our best to ensure riders and horses are well matched and that members are allocated horses they feel comfortable with.


Group £25.00 (own horse) or £55.00 (school horse)

Do you want to find the right tools to give you confidence in dealing with various situations you may find yourself in. If you do, this is the place for you. Develop a feel for horse handling and  find the way to becoming a calm assertive individual.



1/2 hour private £25.00

1 hour private £40.00

1 hour group £25.00

2 hour pony club session £25.00


Participate in our training programme and we will help you prepare for shows or just form a better relationship with your horse. Training covers ground work and riding and if you unable to train for any reason, we will exercise/school your horse for you.