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Our Rider

Jenna Jane

Professional Rider & Coach

Producing, Schooling, Starting, Problem Horses

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Most horse owners have obligations that limit the time available with their horses. The problem isn’t the time you don’t have, it’s poor use of the time you do have. Most horse owners are wasting too much precious time. They ride with no structure or plan; pin-balling between different exercises. As a result they fall into a rut and never make meaningful progress.

For those riders and horses who are being all they can be, the results can be amazing, but, for those who aren’t, the results can be frustrating. There’s no greater burden than the pain of unfulfilled potential. If you’re struggling and need guidance, give me a call.

If you’re unfamiliar with me, my name is Jenna Butler-Smith. I’m a professional rider,coach and trainer, whose speciality is helping horses and riders achieve their goals. My methods are based on natural horsemanship, and I believe in putting the horse first. I am sympathetic, patient and am proud of my horses and riders achievements. 

Here’s how I can help

  • Set correct exercises that you and your horse need to allow you to progress.
  • Overcome any resistance and help get your horse relaxed and confident to learn.
  • Help you set attainable goals and work out a programme to help you achieve them.



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