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Livery Terms & Conditions

Note: Acceptance of Livery Services at Pine Ridge constitutes acceptance of rules and agreement/contract whether signed or not as these are on public display online and on the premises.


Livery is due in advance by the 1st of every month 
Livery is not refundable and no  discounts will be given for horses away on holiday, at shows or at the vet.

Prompt payment is appreciated.

Livery prices are reviewed annually and may be adjusted. The annual review takes place each May.


Non-Payment of Livery

We reserve the right to issue 72 hours notice to vacate the property, to liveries who have not paid their bill in full by the 7th of the month. We will hold goods until outstanding fees are paid, or until a two month grace period has passed. Goods will then be sold to pay the outstanding bill.


Termination of Contract: 
The livery contract may be terminated by yourself or Pine Ridge on two weeks written notice.  All sums of money outstanding to Pine Ridge must be paid before horses/goods are removed. 


In Lieu of: 

Horse/Tack, will be withheld until all sums of money owing to Pine Ridge have been paid in full.  Should payment not be forthcoming within two months of due date, items will be sold to defray expenses.


Although we take utmost care to ensure the health and wellbeing of all horses at Pine Ridge, accidents do sometimes happen and Pine Ridge will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or death. 

It is recommended that owners have adequate insurance. It should be noted that riding/working with horses is a high risk sport.


The Horse Owner warrants that the Horse is in a general state of good health and free from any infectious disease at the commencement of the period of Livery. 


Going out or coming back:
Pine Ridge must be informed if the Horse Owner intends taking the horse out prior to 7.30 or returning after 18.00 for security reasons.


Children under the age of 16 years are not allowed to be left unsupervised unless by prior arrangement. Please make sure that there is an adult on site, either yourself or a staff member as on occasion the yard is left unattended.


Keeping the yard tidy:

All hoof pickings, droppings, hair must be cleaned up. 

Clear up the school after use, pack equipment away and remove droppings. 

Clear up droppings from the driveway.


Sharing Horses/Loaners:  
Pine Ridge will allow one loaner and the owner of the horse will be fully responsible for any breakages caused by the loaner or money due.


Having Friends Ride Your Horse:  
Please note: Due to health, safety, security and insurance, we only permit this if the owner of the horse/pony is in attendance.


Need for Vet:
Should your horse require the attention of a Vet, Pine Ridge will make every effort to contact you, but if you are not available a Vet will be called to see to your horse. All farrier and vet fees are for your account and you will be invoiced directly.


Horses should be inoculated against equine flu and tetanus. 


Horses are wormed every 3 months, you will be invoiced accordingly. (February, May, August, November)


Use of school:

It should be noted that there are set times for the riding school to use the school. Please check in the office. There will always be ample free time for you to use the school.

All droppings must be picked up and any equipment used must be packed away. No free schooling allowed. 



Any items left at Pine Ridge on livery termination, will be considered to have been abandoned, and Pine Ridge will endeavour to dispose of them appropriately.  All costs involved in the disposal of such items, will be billed to the Livery Client.


Tack Room/Rug Room
Space is allocated in the tack room for saddle, bridle and one set of storage drawers.

Rugs in use are kept in the rug room. As space is limited, we ask that only rugs in use be stored at Pine Ridge.

It should be noted that all goods are left at your own risk and Pine Ridge will not be held responsible for loss or damage


Be aware of health and safety:
Do not leave horses unattended when tied up in the yard. Wear appropriate safety equipment when riding and working with your horse.

Use of Water 
Water should be used sparingly as it is on a meter. Washing of horses should be done with a bucket. 


Use of Electricity
No plug points to be used, unless permission has been given. Turn off lights when not needed.

Trailers & Lorries
Cleaning of trailers and lorries, muck and dirty straw or shavings should be put in the muck heap. No washing of trailers or lorries on site.

Last person on the yard is responsible for switching off lights, locking tack room and closing front gate.

Please note, that any equipment used by you (e.g. jumps, tack, agility equipment), that is broken by you or your horse, will be for your account.

Usual yard maintenance will be undertaken by Pine Ridge. However, breakages caused by vices/habits, e.g. fence chewing, wall kicking, crib biting etc. will be for your account.


Outside trainers
As Pine Ridge is a training yard, it is preferred if our clients use an in-house trainer.

However, should you prefer to use a visiting trainer, a £15.00 per hour levy will be charged and arena should be booked in advance.


Opening Hours

Christmas Day – We are closed.
Riding School Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday to Friday 08.00 to 21.00 

Saturday and Sunday 08.00 to 20.00


All accidents/incidents must be reported promptly so that if required, appropriate action taken.