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Riding Lessons & Pony Club 

Terms & Conditions


Please note:

Pine Ridge Equestrian, the Directors and staff cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to any persons or their property whilst on these premises or whilst out on any equestrian related activities.



All lessons are payable on booking. 
Horses will only be allocated when payment has been received. 

We operate a No Refund Policy. 
This is a condition of booking.



FEES are fixed and cannot be transferred to another time. If you miss a session you forfeit it. Fees are due by the Thursday preceding the first Saturday in the month.



Block booked riding lessons must be used within six weeks and 48 hours notice is required if you wish to change your time or day. 
Lessons not used within six weeks will be forfeited.



We require 48 hours notice to change your riding time or day. 

Riding cancelled on the day is payable in full, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Lessons will be given in the schools, on the track or hacking. We try to give our riders as much experience as possible.



Please accept that there is a risk of falling off a horse and being injured and PR Equestrian does not accept liability:

Riding is a high risk sport and you may fall off and be injured. All riders ride at their own risk. 
All horses can be unpredictable.


May not be left unaccompanied at PR unless by prior arrangement or if participating in a lesson or Pony Club Rally.


MAXIMUM WEIGHT of rider - 12 stone.



Lessons will only be cancelled if the conditions are deemed unsafe for horse and rider. 
Heavy snow.
Heavy rain and/or flooding.
Hurricane force winds.
Electrical storms.
Power failure


In the case of extreme weather, we will call you to reschedule.


Must read and comply with all the safety notices and ensure that they and their child understand and follow the safety rules. Ignoring them is at the riders and child’s own risk. PR Equestrian reserve the right to ask riders and visitors to leave the grounds at any time if it thinks they are a danger either to themselves, the horses or any other person.


Must have completed an application and waiver form before the lesson or session begins. These online forms will be emailed to all new clients or printed copies are available from our Equestrian office.


Understand that the information given to PR Equestrian will be held in accordance with Data Protection Legislation but may also be made available to Insurers and other parties in the event of any injury or incident. 


Understand that parent’s contact details given may be used by PR Equestrian for communications to their clients but will not be sold or passed onto any third parties.


Must resubmit their application and waiver form if their details change. (The responsibility falls to the Parent/Guardian if the child is under 18). These are available on our Equestrian Centre office.


PR Equestrian reserves the right to refuse the rider a particular horse/pony if they feel that the safety of the rider or horse is in question. The rider has the right to change to another horse/ pony, providing one is available, and it is practical and safe to do so.


The rider has the right to request a change of coach facilitator subject to availability. Equestrian staff also reserves the right to decline to teach a client for any reason.


New Clients:

In order to establish a riders standard of riding, it is mandatory that they attend an Assessment Lesson and register. The rider must agree to be honest and volunteer accurate information about ability and experience.



Every time you handle a horse you are required to wear the appropriate P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment).

Riding Helmets:
Hats (all types): should be PAS015 or BSEN1384 standard (or better).
Must be worn and fastened at all times while riding a horse.
Must be worn and fastened at all times while handling or a horse.
We strongly advise all customers to purchase their own helmet as soon as possible.
We recommend against purchasing second hand riding helmets in case they have been damaged.


Body protectors:
We strongly recommend that you wear one whenever riding.
This is especially important if you take part in jumping classes.

Riding footwear: clients must wear appropriate footwear while riding.
Allowed footwear:
Jodhpurs boots
Leather riding boots

Disallowed Footwear:
High heels
Hiking boots

We reserve the right to refuse footwear we deem unsafe. 
We recommend toe protection whenever handling a horse.

Jewellery: you should not wear jewellery of any kind, anything you wear you do so at your own risk. It’s the parents responsibility to check their child isn’t wearing jewellery. 

Long hair must be tied back.



Please be punctual and allow time for helmet fitting etc.

Late arrival may cause the lesson or ride to be shortened at the riders expense.


Movement of Horses & Ponies and Equipment around the yard and surrounding areas is unavoidable and it is vital that they are always given way.



NO CHILDREN ARE PERMITTED in any of the stabling areas without planned staff supervision. Running is not permitted in any area of the Equestrian Centre including the yard or arenas.


LOUD NOISES OR SHOUTING while in the Equestrian Centre or near horses is unacceptable.


VISITORS to the yard must stay behind the designated barriers in front of Stable Doors and closed gates.


The following areas are restricted unless otherwise agreed with a member of staff:

These areas represent the horse’s / pony’s space and must be respected at all times.


Stable Yard including but not limited to:

1) All Stables

2) Tack Rooms

3) Feed Rooms

4) Hay Shed

5) Equestrian Centre Arenas (Only Staff, Helpers and Riders allowed in the Arena unless otherwise agreed with your lesson coach), excluding the Spectator Area.

6) Sheds or other Buildings

7) Fields or Paddocks

8) Locked/Closed/Staff Only Areas or Buildings

All passageways and entrances/exits must be kept clear of any obstructions.


SITTING OR CLIMBING ON ANY GATES or fences is strictly prohibited.

All gates including arena gates must be kept securely closed.



All animals are unpredictable; do not feed the horses & ponies at any time.

Do not enter any field, stable or make contact with a horse or pony at any time, without prior authorisation from a member of staff.

When walking near a horse give a gap of at least the horse’s length between you and the horse.

If a rider wishes to bring a treat for the horse/pony, it should be given to a member of staff who will bring it to the Feed Room where it will be added to their next meal.



Chewing gum or any other type of food should not be eaten while attending a lesson.

Food & Snacks should only be consumed in the designated areas.



PR Equestrian operates a No Smoking Policy throughout its premises.




Photos or any digital media are not allowed to be taken by members of the public unless prior permission has been given by management.